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Vol. XVII, No. 1-2, Pp. 1-82
December 2002
UDC 621.039+614.876:504.06
YU ISSN 1451-3994

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The founder of NUKLEARNA TEHNOLOGIJA, Yugoslav Nuclear Society, and its publisher, VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, have recently been joined by the Yugoslav Society of Radiation Protection acting in the capacity of the journal's co-founder. Amplified expert and material resources, accompanied by intensified efforts on the part of the journal's editorial staff - now relying on a broader community of researchers - have made it possible to, starting with this issue, publish NUKLEARNA TEHNOLOGIJA as an international scientific journal in English, under the name NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY & RADIATION PROTECTION. By numbering this issue as the seventeenth, the editorial staff intended to draw the attention of the readers to the continuity of the new journal with its predecessor, NUKLEARNA TEHNOLOGIJA.
As for the editorial policy of the new journal, it is to remain essentially unchanged. As before, the journal will remain open for articles on research and developments concerning the application of nuclear energy, radiation and alternative sources of energy for peaceful purposes. The areas of research and application the journal will strive to competently inform its readers of by distributing contemporary scientific findings, include: reactor physics, fuel cycles and waste management, isotopes and radiation, nuclear safety, radiation protection and shielding, accelerator applications, nuclear methods in science and technology and other related topics.
Reviews of international conferences and seminars will be published as well, with particular emphasis on current developments within scientific nuclear institutions, societies and industries in the countries of Southeastern Europe, as well as on on-going activities of the national nuclear societies in the Balkans. In particular, the editorial staff wishes to encourage potential reviews on new publications relevant to the designated areas of interest.
The editorial staff will do its best to continue with the practice of distributing free copies of the journal to a number of national libraries, nuclear societies, radiation protection societies, representatives of the international nuclear industry and prominent researchers throughout the world. The publication of papers in NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY & RADIATION PROTECTION will be free of charge.
In the conviction that our journal will contribute to the diffusion and discussion of scientific findings concerning not only the Balkans and the region of Southeastern Europe, but the world as a whole, I invite You, dear colleagues, to honor us with Your contributions.

Cordially Yours,
Rodoljub Simović


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